Welcome to our bulletin board! This has been an exciting month for us. Since we began, we have always believed in giving our customers the best of our knowledge and expertise. This has translated into results and more results. By joining our training module, our distributors have earned plaudits with their own companies and it’s been such an exhilarating journey.


First up, the good:


10 of our distributors touched $1 million in sales this month (not in a single month, but over the course of the year!) They’ve been with us for 5 years now and it is an amazing way to mark such a huge milestone in the company with such an awesome turnover. WE have always said that if you stood by us, you will see the results and here they are.

Company turnover has also gone up by $20 million and that makes us all kinds of happy. To mark this superb upsurge in our profits, we are giving out hefty Christmas bonuses to everyone!


5 of our distributors have managed to sell out their catalogue of products. When these guys had joined our team, they were looking for new ways to keep up with the emerging market trends. They’ve been doing this for a long time now, and weren’t able to connect with the click-happy generation of today. We gave them a few insights into how things work in our social media generation, and they’ve seen such an amazing turnaround. It’s heartwarming to share these stories with you.


The bad news:


This one really breaks our heart. We lost an important customer to a road accident last week. It was so unexpected and we are taking this personally because the person we lost was the first person who came to us seeking our help. Since then we have gone  from success to success and it has been nothing but wonderful for us. Losing this person has really hit us hard and we have launched a road safety drive in his name. Please participate and pledge road safety!