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Myfirst Roto Moulder

The world’s first flat pack DIY rotational moulding machine

Myfirst roto moulder is a replication of the rotational moulding process replacing the use of heat with cold set resins.

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Designed to carry different shape and size moulds with the help of movable support bars.

Be in control of the process from its construction to product outcome, the machine will require assembly & enthusiasm. Just remember this is NOT a toy!

A sample polypropylene mould is provided with the machine to allow demonstration of the process.

Machine comes complete with all components ready to be assembled. Machine sizes when built- L600mm x W450mm x H600mm

The myfirst roto moulder comes complete with a sample mould which is visible in the photographs, the sample mould is for the user to try out the process and begin to understand its possibilities. The machines were designed to take moulds of all different shapes and sizes ( maximum size 340mm x 340mm ) The sample mould is a great way to demonstrate the machine and its process but we encourage users to create their own moulds.

Moulds can be created using-
Vac formed plastic
rapid prototyping
+ many more

Ideal for Product designer, model makers, artists and creative alike!!!


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Roto Mould CNC Spin top


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Roto Resin

Roto resin is a fast setting low viscosity resin that has been specifically designed for slush casting or rotational casting.

This two part resin is Ideal for use with the myfirst roto moulder to produce hollow plastic objects.

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The resin has "less of a snap cure" enabling it to flow around the mould avoiding the risk of cured lumps on the inside of your casting that when set, can pull your casting out of shape.

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Coloured Pigment Set

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Coloured Pigment

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